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Perched high above the city, our light-filled spaces offer the perfect inspiration for exploring Bengaluru with its gardens, historical sights and museums. Or explore within the hotel, with ayurvedic treatments at CHI, The Spa and global cuisines to tempt every tastebud. 

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Retrace the Steps of Legendary Dynasties

Visible from Shangri-La’s Horizon Club and just a stones-throw from the hotel, the historic Bangalore Palace is a slice of bygone royal splendour in the modern era.

Once the private residence of the Maharaja Wadiyars and designed as an ode to England’s Windsor Castle, this 110-year-old Tudor-style monument is a popular attraction in the city whose sprawling gardens are still used today for concerts and special events.


If you’re more of a thrill-seeker than a history buff, check out Fun World – an amusement park situated on the palace grounds.

Explore the Greener Side of the Garden City

Known as the Garden City of Southern India, Bengaluru is the third greenest city in the country thanks to its temperate climate which allows flora and fauna to flourish.


Just a 15-minute walk from the Shangri-La you’ll discover the Cubbon Park. This well-maintained 120-hectare garden is filled with shaded groves and tall trees – perfect for stealing a moment of peace in the heart of the business district – and encompasses the red-painted Gothic-style State Central Library.

Get Your Daily Dose of Caffeine with Filter Kaapi

If you real want to eat like a local while in Bangalore, then indulging in a Filter Kaapi is a must!


This integral part of south Indian food culture is essentially filtered coffee, traditionally served in small steel tumbler and dabarah that is used to cool and mix the coffee. Guests of Shangri-La can partake in this morning ritual every day at the Lobby Lounge.

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Relax, Rejuvenate and Find Inner Peace

Just a 30-minute drive from the Shangri-La you’ll find the world’s largest Meditational Pyramid at the Pyramid Valley. Founded in 2003 by Brahmarshi Patriji, this serene valley is surrounded by greenery and small hills, providing the perfect environment for meditation. This wellness landmark also hosts various classes and seminars on meditation and its benefits throughout the year. 

But you don’t have to leave Shangri-La to relax – simply stop by Chi, The Spa for an authentic Ayurveda treatment. Dating back more than 3,000 years, this wellness method uses ancient healing remedies and therapies to penetrate and cleanse the entire body and remove deeply embedded toxins while bringing balance to the body. 

Indulge in a Larger-Than-Life One Metre Dosa 

A melting pot of cultures and their cuisines, Bengaluru is a true foodies paradise. While in the city, there are three quintessential South Indian delicacies one must try - idli, vada and dosa – and all of these are available at Shangri-La’s b Café.


Go big with our one-metre long dosa, a thin pancake-like made of a lentil and rice batter typically served at breakfast or lunch and served with an array of local chutneys.

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Dine in a Dome Under the Stars 

If you’re looking for a special, unique and highly photogenic private dining experience, then our new Dine at Dome is for you!

Enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones in your own personal bubble-shaped tent while you dine on a curated menu overlooking the Garden City. 

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