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Bangkok is a city full of contradictions, where historical treasures sit alongside pixelated skyscrapers. With a hectic energy that’s in stark contrast to Thailand’s blissful islands, anchor yourself at the Shangri-La along the Chao Phraya River and get ready to explore with us.

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Find Solace in Bangkok's Temples

There are more than 37,000 temples, or wats, throughout Thailand, and Wat Arun's 82-metre-high tower is one of the most iconic. It's also one of the few temples you can actually climb.


If you find yourself at the Grand Palace complex, make sure you visit the sacred Wat Phra Kaew, known for its revered Buddha statue carved out of a single block of jade. Right next door you'll find Wat Pho, a sprawling eight hectare compound that's home to the country's largest reclining Buddha. 

Unleash Your Inner-Foodie


With over 500,000 street vendors in Bangkok, it's no wonder the city is synonymous with street food. 


You probably won't have time to tase them all, so we suggest you start in Rattanakosin Old Town where you'll find a huge variety of local food. For a mix of Chinese and Thai flavours, head to Chinatown Yaowarat. You also can't go wrong with any of the night markets that dot the city.

If you'd like an authentic taste of Thailand in a more upscale setting, Shangri-La's Salathip Thai Restaurant will fit the bill.

Explore the Greener Side of the City

As the first public park in Bangkok and one of the city's largest green spaces, Lumpini provides locals and tourists with a rare break from the concrete jungle that surrounds the Chao Phraya. 

Spanning over 500,000 sqm, the park features various flora and fauna, wooded areas, walking paths and an artificial lake where you can rent paddleboats. Don't be startled by the monitor lizards roaming the grounds - they call the park home along with over 30 species of birds. 

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Get Lost in the Grand Palace

Arguably one of Bangkok’s must-see spots, the Grand Palace is a former royal residence that’s mostly used for ceremonial purposes today. Most of the architecture is classified as Ratanakosin, or old-Bangkok style, and the wat located on the grounds is a pilgrimage destination for devout Buddhists.

As with many tourist attractions, you’ll need to dress modestly – this means your tops should hit below the elbow and pants or skirts should fall at the ankle. If you’re wearing ripped denim, skinny jeans or spandex, you will be ushered to a dressing room and given a sarong before being allowed to enter.

Float Above the City of Angels

Experience Bangkok from the clouds at the Mahanakhon SkyWalk, the highest observation deck in Thailand offering 360-degree views of the city.
Ride the hydraulic glass lift to the 78th Floor and be rewarded with two vantage points - ‘The Glass Tray’ which allows you to peer down to the city below and the ‘The Peak’ that rises 314 meters in the sky. Once you snap the perfect shot, enjoy a drink and a snack at the rooftop bar.

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